Save Your Smile: Ditch Bad Habits

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Smithfield Wants to Protect Your Teeth from Harmful Habits


There’s more to creating a perfect smile than simply brushing your teeth in the morning and night. Patients need to think about their teeth throughout their daily routine when they eat, drink, and perform popular bad habits. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and these bad habits can slowly but surely destroy a patient’s smile. Thankfully, your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield is here to identify these habits that should be avoided in order to protect your teeth all day, every day!


Although it’s obvious that tobacco products are bad for your overall health, it’s still one of the most widely used products when it comes to popular bad habits. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco are both common habits that millions of Americans partake in. Many patients smoke cigarettes due to a release of anxiety and stress. These will cause your breath to instantly smell, allowing it to linger for an extended amount of time that’s difficult to get rid of. This is only one of the many terrible things that tobacco products can do to your oral health.


Chewing Ice
This is a popular habit, but still a harmful one. Chewing ice after finishing a beverage is putting your gums through extremely cold temperatures, along with crunching on something that your teeth aren’t made for. Your teeth aren’t strong enough to chew on items that aren’t food, so you’re weakening your enamel, which is the surface of your teeth that protects the dentin (the sensitive inside of each tooth).


Using Teeth as Tools
Like previously mentioned, teeth are only strong enough to tear and break down food and nothing else. So using your teeth to open packets, packages, bottles, and ripping off tags are all extremely harmful. Your smile can dramatically suffer by experiencing chips, cracks, breaks, fractures and even become loose enough for them to fall out!


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