Don't Let Dental Myths Fool You!

Your Smithfield Dentist Crushes Dental Myths that Keep Patients from Going to their Appointment


It’s no secret that a majority of people don’t like going to the dentist, which can cause serious dental issues over time. The build-up of dental myths can severely keep patients from scheduling a regular check-up for a simple cleaning. With the stress and anxiety that these myths bring, patients will continue to reschedule or even cancel their appointments! Thankfully, your Smithfield dentist is here to break those dental myths in order to protect your smile.


Myth: Crushed Aspirin Directly on Toothache will Help!

Fact: This is actually more harmful than you think! This old myth is certainly popular, but patients need to know that this can damage your gum tissue and give you sores on your tongue, lips and cheeks. The chemicals in aspirin aren’t made to be directly applied to your teeth—they’re meant to be digested through your stomach while the chemicals work their way to the pain.


Myth: If Your Gums are Bleeding, Stop Brushing!

Fact: The reason that your gums are bleeding when you brush your teeth are because they’re suffering from bacteria and food particles that are stuck between your teeth. When you don’t floss, you’re allowing the bacteria to linger and infect your oral health. If your gums are bleeding, they’re trying to call for help! Contact your dentist if your gums are bleeding and make an appointment as soon as you can.


Myth: If I Don’t See a Problem, There is No Problem!

Fact: Although you may not see a problem with your teeth, the point of going to the dentist is so they can clean parts of your teeth that you’re unable to! When you brush and floss your teeth, you’re contributing to a large part of your daily dental routine, but your dentist has the professional tools in order to further protect your smile.


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