The Heart to Gum Health Connection

For years, doctors just like the best dentist in Smithfield RI have been telling patients just like you to brush twice and floss once daily. And while this request may seem, on the surface, like a sheer cosmetic plea that could make this jobs easier (chuckle chuckle) - it is one that holds deeper meanings as well.

Of course, brushing and flossing prevent build-up of plaque, tartar and bacteria in your mouth. Of course, it does. This leads to lower instances of cavities, bad breath, tooth loss, need for root canals, etc. But could there be another reason, brewing right below the surface that these suggestions could be made as well?

As it turns out- yes, there could have been and there could be. Researchers have been drawing a connection between a lack of flossing, which can lead to gum disease, and other whole body health problems like heart disease for years now. Their theory (which has significant proof at this point to back it up) is that the inflammation causing bacteria that can attack the gums can move into the bloodstream quite simply, and make their way to the heart. This means that the valves of the heart can suffer swelling, just as your bleeding gums may. Similar findings in patients with diabetes, lung or kidney disease also exist.

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