Early Cavity Warning Signs

Smithfield Family Dentist on Cavity Prevention 


What classifies a cavity? Well, most definitions list it as “a breakdown of the tooth due to bacterial activity,” and your Smithfield family dentist finds that definition rather suiting and accurate. What can cause this bacterial activity? In most cases, our diets. It is hard to avoid foods or drinks that have lots of sugar in them, which is exactly what the “bad” bacteria in your mouth need to feed on. They then go on to produce acids that eat away at the teeth- leaving you with a cavity, or tooth decay.

Now, even though most people suffer a cavity at some point in their lives- they are not to be taken lightly at all. With the help of a balanced diet, steady brushing habits and regular visits to your Smithfield dentist- you could be getting ahead of damage caused by cavities. Left untreated, cavities can result in infection, disease and other worse oral health issues you would rather not be faced with.

Let’s say that you keep your twice-yearly  cleaning appointments with your Smithfield family dentist, but you are noticing a slight ache in a tooth- and you are still months away from your visit…what to do?! Well lucky for you, today we have provided a List of Early Cavity Warning Signs for you to review!

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